At Bundy & Fichter PLLC, many of our small-business clients are franchisors or franchisees, but not all of them. We assist clients in setting up closely held businesses. We work closely with business owners and their teams to really understand the business and its goals, and find the legal entity that will best help the business succeed.

A Comprehensive Business Law Practice

Starting a nonprofit or forming a limited liability company (LLC) or another business organization requires knowledge of taxation and other liabilities that may affect your business in the future. At Bundy & Fichter PLLC, we help you make informed decisions that will protect your business and allow it to thrive. We handle all types of business startups, including:

  • Corporations

  • S-corporations

  • Limited liability companies

  • General partnerships

  • Limited liability partnerships

  • Sole proprietorships

  • Franchises

  • Nonprofit organizations

In addition to setting up the entity, we will help you protect your business throughout its operation. We are able to prepare contracts, including confidentiality agreements, nondisclosure agreements, license agreements, employment agreements, purchase agreements, sale agreements and many more.

Flexible Fee Structures

As experienced franchise and business lawyers, we work closely with our clients to arrive at a mutually satisfactory fee arrangement that is appropriate to the matter at hand. Our firm is not limited to hourly fees, but as appropriate, will agree to fixed fees and other arrangements. We want to talk to you about what options might be available.

Protect Your Business From The Start

If you are considering buying a franchise, franchising your business or starting a business anywhere in the country, contact an experienced business formation attorney at Bundy & Fichter PLLC.