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What is a virtual law office?

For Bundy Law Firm, a virtual law firm is a new medium for communicating with and delivering legal services to clients. It does not change our duties of loyalty, confidentiality and competence. Because it is internet-based, it knows no business hours and does not require the massive overhead associated with traditional law firms.

The virtual law office gives you and your lawyer the ability to communicate quickly and securely regardless of the time of day or where either of us are located at the moment. You do not have to drive to our office or play telephone tag to get an answer. We do not have to rely upon the postal service or email, both of which are notoriously unreliable and unsecure. In addition, the virtual law office provides a secure online billing and payment facility where you can pay your legal fees with the same convenience as buying goods or services from any online retailer.

Does Bundy Law Firm continue to offer conventional legal services?

Yes. In fact, some types of matters (particularly if they are very complex) do not lend themselves to being handled entirely through this new medium. Also, some clients are not comfortable unless they can hear their attorney’s voice or see his or her face. If those are important to you, we will continue to make them available. If you elect to begin a matter using the virtual law office and its limited legal services offerings, and later either you or we decide it is not meeting your needs or discharging our duties competently, you may switch to a more conventional approach.

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If you chose full representation legal services can you still use the virtual law office?

Yes. The virtual law office is useful as an added benefit for any type of matter, including the most complex. It provides a secure and reliable communications system. It provides a calendaring and scheduling system. It makes a full record of our communications with you available to both of us 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. In addition, you have the convenience of the online billing and payment facilities.

Is the virtual law office secure?

Yes! Our virtual law office software, powered by Total Attorneys, uses a level of security comparable to what banks and government agencies use. Only you can access your private and secure virtual law office page. Unlike email, which is generally unencrypted, our virtual law office is completely secure, using the highest industry standards of secure HTTP. These security features are part of what prompted us to begin offering this value-added service to our clients. Our provider uses state-of-the-art secure servers located in the United States with redundant copies of everything in more than one location. The risk of data loss is far less than with conventional computer and backup systems.

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If you pay your bill online, is that secure?

Yes. Our merchant banking service fully complies with all federal and state laws applicable to security of online credit card transactions.

How does the virtual law office work?

Working with me is as easy as connecting to the internet. The first time you use the virtual law office, you will be required to read and agree to the terms and conditions and enter your contact information. You will not be billed or charged for registering.

After you are registered, the system will take you to your own secure homepage, which allows for direct and secure communication with me.

When you first register, you will immediately be able to “ask a question.” That is how you initiate contact with us. If you have not previously been a client of the Bundy Law Firm, we ask you to keep that initial “question” a little general and avoid giving us any sensitive or potentially harmful information — until after we have conducted a check for any possible conflicts of interest that might prevent us from representing you. In most cases, a conflict of interest check takes a very short time. As soon as we have cleared that hurdle (no different than we have always done), you should give us the complete story of your situation, and you will have the ability to upload documents for us to review.

You will always have the ability, from within your page, to update your client information and pay invoices. If the matter involves creation or production of documents, you will have the ability to download them.

What are limited legal services?

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We recognize that legal services can be expensive and intimidating. With the virtual law office, we will be offering a number of basic legal services on a flat-fee basis. Unlike the sometimes popular online companies that will sell you a generic form to fill out yourself after which you may have no idea what to do with it, when you use the virtual law office, you receive the services of an experienced attorney — the same as you would in a more conventional setting. Every document will be tailored to meet your specific facts and circumstances. The difference is that, after you receive the document and the guidance and advice you need, you will be responsible to get the document signed, filed if required and otherwise follow-through. In many cases, those are things you can very comfortably do yourself with a little guidance. In some cases, we may offer a menu of choices (in addition to full packages of services) so that you can take care of your basic legal matters one step at a time if that works best for you. We keep our costs low by communicating with you through the virtual law office and by providing you with forms and questionnaires designed to gather all of the information we need to do the job for you. Meanwhile, we have your back. If you have a problem, you can always let us know and we will quote you a reasonable fee for the additional services.