Franchise Times Names Howard Bundy and Caroline Fichter 2021 Legal Eagles

The Bundy Law Firm is proud to announce that partners Howard Bundy and Caroline Fichter have been selected as the 2021 Franchise Times Legal Eagles. The Franchise Times named Caroline Fichter as a Legal Eagle and Howard  Bundy entered the Legal Eagle Hall of Fame. Legal Eagles are nominated by franchise attorneys, experts, and industry members. The Franchise Times explained that Legal Eagles  have “a keen mind for both legalese and business” and “understand what is at stake” in a franchise dispute.

One person who nominated Howard Bundy explained that “Howard is the best franchise lawyer in Washington and has a superb national reputation” and that he had “steadily sought his advice for 30 years.” This was Howard Bundy’s tenth time being recognized as a Franchise Times Legal Eagle.

Caroline Fichter was featured in the Franchise Times Articles “Interesting cases and COVID downtime” and “Younger Eagles embrace change.” Caroline Fichter explained that the Bundy Law Firm brings “a scappy and very cost-conscious” approach to their work helping franchisees and franchisors.

Howard Bundy and Caroline Fichter focus their practice on franchise and small business law. They counsel businesses considering franchising and prepare franchise disclosure documents and register franchises. They also work with potential franchisees who are evaluating a franchise investment.

Both Howard Bundy and Caroline Fichter are experienced franchise litigators. They have represented franchisees and franchisors in arbitration and litigation around the country. Wherever the case is heard, they bring a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to litigation. As the Franchise Times explained “no matter what the issue, the Franchise Times Legal Eagles want to get it solved so everyone can get back to business.”

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